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  • * The extraordinary new novel by the author of the international bestseller SHANTARAM


    Gregory David Roberts

    • Abacus
    • 2 Septembre 2021

    The author of the international bestseller Shantaram takes us on a gripping personal journey of wonder and insight into science, belief, faith and devotion. Drawing on sacred traditions, rigorous logic and the six-year instruction of his spiritual teacher, Roberts describes the step-by-step process he followed in search of spiritual connection - a process that anyone, of any belief or none, can benefit from in their own lives. This gripping personal account of the ''Leap Of Faith'' is a compellingly fresh addition to such enduring, spiritually inspiring works as Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance , The Road Less Travelled and The Celestine Prophecy . As Roberts writes, '' The Spiritual Path is a book on spiritual matters that my younger self wanted desperately: one that offers more answers than questions, and helps to reset the spiritual compass.''>