• Anglais Shantaram

    Gregory David Roberts

    • Abacus
    • 4 Avril 2013

    Dans les années 1980, lin s'évade d'une prison australienne et s'envole pour bombay.
    C'est alors le début d'un long parcours initiatique, au cours duquel sa vie sera bouleversée. docteur dans un bidonville avant d'intégrer la mafia de bombay, lin connaîtra l'amour mais devra aussi faire face à la trahison et à la violence. grande fresque épique, ce roman brosse le portrait d'une inde terriblement humaine.

  • * The extraordinary new novel by the author of the international bestseller SHANTARAM



    Gregory David Roberts

    • Abacus
    • 2 Septembre 2021

    The author of the international bestseller Shantaram takes us on a gripping personal journey of wonder and insight into science, belief, faith and devotion. Drawing on sacred traditions, rigorous logic and the six-year instruction of his spiritual teacher, Roberts describes the step-by-step process he followed in search of spiritual connection - a process that anyone, of any belief or none, can benefit from in their own lives. This gripping personal account of the ''Leap Of Faith'' is a compellingly fresh addition to such enduring, spiritually inspiring works as Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance , The Road Less Travelled and The Celestine Prophecy . As Roberts writes, '' The Spiritual Path is a book on spiritual matters that my younger self wanted desperately: one that offers more answers than questions, and helps to reset the spiritual compass.''>